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A Presentation Player built on Java Technology
Enabled in "consumer" phones, 2003 - 2007

Kallisto Presenter is a fast, lightweight Java-based presentation player for use on various mobile phones with sufficient screen sizes, color support and RAM. Presentations can contain still graphics, animations, text in various fonts and colors, navigation buttons and audio. The engine is suitable for children's storybooks, episodic entertainment, advertising, marketing, "choose your path" adventures, training, consumer education, music videos, and movie trailers.

Kallisto can deliver to mobile phones the same type of high quality presentations currently deployable on desktop computers. Without custom programming, content creators can show rich, interactive content on mobile devices.   Learn More (PDF)

Kallisto Presenter™

Kallisto Presenter is a runtime environment for playing presentations composed in Kallisto Composer. Presenter is in the form of a midlet-- a small application that runs on a Java-enabled phone. The jar file generated by Composer contains all the class files and data necessary to run the midlet. The consumer does not have to download a separate player and handset manufacturers to not have to "pre-install" the player.

Kallisto Presenter has been tested with a great variety of J2ME MIDP phones including Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Sanyo, Motorola and LG. Extra effort has been made to reduce the size of the data set and optimize for the phone environment. In addition to these phones, Presenter has been tested with numerous emulators, toolkits and carriers, including Sprint, Cingular, AT&T, Rogers and T-Mobile.

Kallisto Presenter:

  • Can create presentations that run fast, performing well on a variety of phones
  • Uses a small set of class files, (20k compressed) for the entire player
  • Supports four types of media elements: bitmap, text, shape and sound
  • Can make server connections for fetching more data from the server
  • Has navigation schemes that map to the phone buttons
  • Can include scrolling text
  • Supports tabbed menus and branching navigation
  • Has a state table and stores state between sessions
  • Has definable frames per second
  • Has no data embedded in Java classes

Learn More About Our Application Platform (PDF)

Kallisto Composer™

Kallisto Composer is Kallisto's authoring environment for assembling graphics, text and audio into animated presentations. Composer has been designed to generate presentations for Java MIDP phones and other thin clients. Composer generates jar and jad files ready for local testing and for final deployment on servers designed for Over-The-Air distribution.

No data is compiled in Java classes.  In our system, the data unique to each presentation is not included inside any classes. No new classes are compiled with each presentation. We have a set of compiled classes that can be tested independent of any presentation data.

Convenience production features.  We are multimedia developers with over 15 years of experience. In developing our authoring tools we have added many convenience features to save time in testing and deploying on dozens of handsets.

Flexible source code.  In the event a title requires special features, Kallisto can make modifications to the code to meet special needs.

Kallisto Productions

Kallisto Productions is available to create custom presentations to order. The principals at Kallisto have over 15 years of experience developing interactive presentations for many different platforms.

We'll negotiate flat-fee or advance-against-royalty agreements.

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Kallisto Productions produces content and content creation tools for mobile phones.

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