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These concepts illustrate how Kallisto Composer was used to bring various genres to the mobile phone in the pre-iPhone era, 2003 - 2007. The screen shots and animated demos are from working midlets that ran on a "consumer" mobile phone.
Art direction and art by John deLorimier, except where noted.

Language Instruction
Screen Shots (html)

Language Bits is a concept demo showing how Kallisto's platform can be used for language instruction and practice. With interactivity, audio and animations matched with high quality art and professional instructional design, Kallisto's platform is a perfect fit for language applications. In this concept demonstration, the user gets basic instruction on conducting a bank transaction and can then practice their skills using an interactive scenario.

G - Rated
Adventures of Holo
Demo (MP4)

Holo is a creature that lives inside the worldwide communications network. Like Superman, his capabilities are ordinary in his world, but super powerful in ours. © Kallisto 1996 - 2004

G - Rated
Available at Zingy 2004/05
Ugmo Demo (GIF)   Screen Shots (HTML)

Ugmo is a dog with two owners, one on each side of the tracks. Ugmo provides a comic look at celebrities and trends. Story by Don Priess and Mike Browne. Music by LoudLouderLoudest. © Mike Browne.

PG - Rated
Pinup Poker
Screen Shots (HTML)

Pinup Poker is an interactive poker game based on 3 card poker. As the player accumulates chips, they win "tickets" to a virtual stage show based on pinup art by artist Greg Hildebrandt. Music by LoudLouderLoudest. Game © 2004 Kallisto Productions, Inc.

R - Rated
Dead-Eye Nick
Dead Eye Nick is a "Choose Your Path" adventure game based on the exploits of NIck Spade, a private eye trapped in purgatory. You help guide Nick as he and his nephew Morty solve a crime and thereby win Nick's freedom. Along the way you can collect tokens that unlock bonus scenes. Scripted by DigitalArcana. © DigitalArcana and Kallisto 2005.

G - Rated

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