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Kallisto Composer

Authoring Tool to Generate Content for Java-enabled Mobile Phones
In the pre-iPhone era, 2003-2007

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Authoring vs. Coding          Using Composer

Kallisto Composer Product Overview

Kallisto Composer is an authoring environment allowing non-programmers to create interactive applications that feature high quality, hand-crafted interfaces and rich content. Titles can contain bitmap images, simple vector shapes, sprite-based animations against a background, text, scrolling text, audio, server communications, menus, branching, record keeping, click to continue interactivity and more.

With our authoring system, we can deliver content relatively quickly-- weeks not months-- to the installed base of consumer J2ME phones. Our system has been used for promotions, children's stories, consumer education, online magazines and interactive "choose your path" adventures.

Kallisto Composer is "studio quality" software-- meaning that it is useful for accomplishing its mission, but it lacks the polish and documentation necessary for software that is widely distributed. Kallisto can work closely with other studios that would like to license Kallisto Composer to ensure that the studio gets the greatest value from Composer's use.

Kallisto Composer generates content for J2ME MIDP phones. Depending on phone support, the phone can download and display high quality midlets in thousands of colors with midi audio. Composer has been tailored to meet the special requirements of the J2ME MIDP specification. Composer has been tested with numerous handsets and emulator kits.

Kallisto Composer can output data to Kallisto's own file format for use with Kallisto Presenter, a playback engine for use on Java-enabled devices. And there is an option to port Presenter to BREW devices. Contact Kallisto for more details.

Kallisto Composer consists of a standard composition environment supporting the assembly of text, graphics, widgets and other interface or content elements. This basic set of features can be extended to provide templates and other workflow settings that create just the right balance between automating a task and inserting artistic and editorial judgments. By tailoring the export feature, the final output can be a file ready to deploy in a target system.

Making extensive use of the Swing interface and Java 2D library, Composer is programmed in 100% Java.

Deployment Models

Composer can use the data files it generates in several different ways to accommodate the many different handsets and carriers.

In the self-contained model, all of the data and code associated with a title is contained in one application file. There is nothing more to download from a server once the user has downloaded the application from the carrier.

As an option, one download can contain multiple episodes or discreet data sets. This allows the application to use the available storage limits of the phone, but stay within the limits of the working heap memory.

In the player-episode model, the initial title the user downloads to their phone is a player. This player can, in turn, download episodes from a server. Depending on the storage limits of the phone, the user may be able to store more than one episode at a time to the phone. Some phones will only provide storage space for one episode.

To see the entire title, the user can download the episodes to their phone in any order and as many times as they like.

These two models may be mixed and matched depending on the handset capability. For example, a title may contain 2 episodes in the initial download and then offer the option to download more episodes from the server.

Product Position

Kallisto Composer is uniquely positioned as an authoring tool that provides task automation, flexible data output, creative interactivity and hand crafted animation for mobile phones.

In Composer, a fully customized and efficient authoring system has been tailored to automate tasks where appropriate, provide simple checks and menus where choices need to be made, and provide complete creative control to animators. Experts in content creation can get right to work with a customized tool and avoid the learning curve associated with a complex product targeted to a wide audience. More than a presentation authoring tool, Composer combines authoring with a workflow management environment.

Kallisto Composer has been positioned to strike the best balance between providing a modern desktop application that enables creative control while providing the ability to develop data for an idiosyncratic target device that is constantly evolving.

Kallisto's File Format

Kallisto Composer generates presentation data in a file format developed here at Kallisto. The file format is based on XML, but is compressed for use with resource constrained handsets. Kallisto Presenter, the playback engine for the target device, reads the files generated Kallisto Composer.

Kallisto Productions, Inc. develops tools for the creation and deployment of custom presentations on thin clients. Kallisto also produces custom interactive training, marketing and entertainment for delivery on portable devices.

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