Alan Weiler


Clients Include:
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Oracle
  • LinuxCare
  • PacifiCorp
  • Cisco Systems
  • Nortel Networks
  • Election Systems & Software
  • Babcock & Brown
  • Bay Networks
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Apple Computer
  • 3Com
  • Levi Strauss & Co.
  • NEC
  • Silicon Summit Technologies, Inc.
  • Vocel
  • Vivaldi Networks
  • Visto
  • Protigen
  • Sony
  • SynOptics Communications
  • Kalpana, Inc.
  • Wells Fargo
  • Microsoft
  • Disney
  • NetFRAME, Inc.
  • Light Source
  • Domaine Chandon
  • 3Fusion
  • Knowledge Factory
  • Paramount Technology Group
  • Master Software
  • Ungermann-Bass
  • ActiveMedia
  • Apple


Apple's OpenDoc Tour is a CD-ROM based marketing presentation that describes the OpenDoc business proposition to commercial developers.

"I believe this is the best interactive CD Apple's produced to date. Congratulations on a superb job. We'll be featuring this in all of our demos at MacWorld."
--Mark Thomas, OpenDoc Evangelist, Apple Computer, Inc.

3Com's DynamicAccess CD-ROM and web-based demos introduce customers to 3Com's innovative technology and products.

"Everyone is very happy!!! You are making me look good. People are really blown away."
--Roslyn Rissler, Advertising Manager, 3Com Corporation

"The demos look great! Thanks for your help."
--Frank Jones, Manager Systems Marketing Programs, 3Com Corporation

"I want you guys to know that you have consistently been a pleasure to work with. Your can-do attitude is greatly appreciated."
--Scott Braddock, Systems Marketing Programs, 3Com Corporation

The Oracle Advantage describes Oracle's competitive advantage over PeopleSoft.

"It is awesome! You made my day! This is FANTASTIC!"
--Natalie Shaheen, Director of Marketing, Oracle

The Chai Days Presentations were used for speaker support at an HP conference.

"Very effective. Very appreciated. A good basis for creating new things."
--Byron Ryono, Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard

The Levanta Software Demonstration uses animation and voice-over to describe Levanta, a Unix management tool.

"I was happy with the quality of your work, your responsiveness, and your ability to grasp what we were trying to do."
--Kevin Efrusy, Marketing Dept, LinuxCare

The Alteon Web Switching CD-ROM contains an animated overview and supporting collateral for a family of Nortel products.

"It has been well received and will be of great use to our sales reps and channel partners."
--Pat Patterson, Marketing, Nortel Networks, Inc.

Kallisto developed the Silicon Summit Corporate Web Site.

"I am very pleased with the outcome and look forward to continuing our work! This is exciting!"
--Natalie Shaheen, VP Worldwide Marketing, Silicon Summit Technologies, Inc.

Kallisto developed the Vivaldi Networks Prototype Web Site.

"You guys did an amazing job on this whole project!"
--Eric Balog, Product Development, Vivaldi Networks, Inc.

NEC - A World Vision serves as an introduction to NEC's products, people and business philosophy.

"We evaluated all the CD-ROMs we found (at Telecom95). NEC's rated Best-in-Class. It clearly was produced by an experienced production company that has moved past the two-dimensional, buttons-and-windows approach... to the "third wave" of production: clever animation, real-time video and true ambiance via 3D graphics."
--Independent Evaluation Report of CD-ROMs at Telecom95 by Global Dynamics, Inc.

SynOptics ATM Presentation is a sales presentation that introduces new technology.

"Really, really good. We got rave reviews at Interop. We have worked with contractors before. This is one the few times the end product exceeded our expectations."
--Bert Williams, Product Manager, SynOptics

Ofoto Demo Disk demonstrates the features and benefits of Ofoto one-step scanning software.

"This demo disk does the best job of representing the look and feel of our product. In a marketing survey, we discovered that many of our customers who had the disk decided to buy our product after viewing the demo."
--Michael Solomon, President, Co-CEO, Light Source