Alan Weiler

Alan B. Weiler, M. Ed.

Writer, Designer, Programmer, Producer

Alan's Detailed Work Portfolio

A Background in Education

Alan began his career as a teacher and taught elementary school for 4 years. After leaving teaching in 1986, he spent a year as a computer salesperson in a retail computer shop. In 1987, he founded ShadowLight Designs, a sole proprietorship providing contract instructional media services. In 1992, Alan became co-founder and President of Kallisto Productions, Inc. Since 1988, Alan has developed a wide variety of training and marketing materials. It is his goal to make instructional presentations effective, engaging and easy to use.

Alan developed two online courses for San Francisco State University and was the instructor for both courses 2000 - 2007.

A Writer and a Programmer

Alan has been the lead instructional designer and writer on dozens of projects for the classroom, print media, CD-ROM and Web. Alan has experience with a wide range of media editors and data development tools, including Visio, Powerpoint, HTML, Flash, Photoshop, Word, Excel, Acrobat, Storyline and Captivate, and has in-depth knowledge of both MacOS and Windows.

Alan has participated in all phases of instructional materials development including content development, interface design, programming, graphic design and project management. Alan has programmed and submitted numerous master disks ready for duplication and has been the technical director for several substantial multimedia projects.

Custom Software Development

Alan has developed for Kallisto an authoring system for delivering animated presentations on Java-based mobile phones. Kallisto Composer provides for the creation and subsequent playback of entertainment and promotional presentations targeted to the small footprint available on J2ME MIDP phones. Alan programmed the Java-based authoring tool and the Java-based runtime engine. Alan wrote the User Guides and documented the Java code using JavaDoc.

As both a content creator and programmer, Alan is deeply involved in the mobile phone industry and its opportunities and constraints.

Alan is an expert in the use of Adobe products for creating interactive presentations and games. He has programmed in Java, JavaScript, Director/Shockwave/Lingo, HTML, DHTML, Flash/ActionScript, XML, XSL, CSS and PERL.

Business Management

Alan handles the day to day business management duties at Kallisto Productions.